Cards can be purchased in our Online Store. We will then email you the number of cards you have purchased and you are ready to go!

Licensed under the BC Gaming Commission License # 128851

Livestream Link

To play, join our LiveStream. Starts Wednesdays at 5:30pm PST with play beginning at 6:00pm PST.

To order your cards, please purchase them online here and then send your payment as an E-transfer to Funds raised will go to support the Centre Cafe! If you need any help, email or call (250) 542-2877.

Bingo Rules

  • Online Bingo every Wednesday under BC Gaming License #128851 issued to the Vernon Senior Citizen’s Recreational Society. BC Gaming Policy and Enforcement Rules state players must be 19+ and must live in BC to purchase and play cards.
  • OUR PURPOSE is to offer players a safe way to play bingo from the comfort of their own homes while supporting a great cause.
  • 1-UP CARDS are $10 each, good for all 6 games on Wednesday. Decide how many cards you would like (no limit).
  • When your deposit arrives, volunteers will manually match and send(email) your Bingo cards to you. Card sales end at noon Wednesdays.
  • Tax receipts are not issued for purchases or donations.
  • You can print or photocopy 6 copies at home and use bingo dabbers, or put 1 copy into a plastic sheet protector and use a dry-erase marker, or coins, buttons, etc. The card# in the FREE SPACE must be visible.
  • On Wednesdays at 5:30pm, use your computer, tablet or phone to go on the Facebook Group site, HalinaCentreBingo, and look for the LIVE STREAM feed. There should be a small RED [LIVE] rectangle in the upper left corner of your screen. IF it is grey, use your Refresh button as needed, also for sound, etc.
  • We will read the Rules of Play, and give info about patterns and $$ size of prize pots for each game. This is a good time to type “HELLO”, or comment in the chat box
  • The chat box is where you will CALL YOUR WINNING BINGO later
  • When you get a bingo, you will type in the Chat window: BINGO G56 CARD #456 (be sure this is all in one chat message)
  • Play will be paused while the card is verified and 3 calls for “Any other Bingo’s on that ball #”. Facebook has a lag time of up to approx 1 minute so the winning Bingo will be awarded to the earliest ball pulled from the machine.
  • All bingos called on the same # will split the prize equally.
  • FIRST game starts at 6:00pm PST
    Be kind and patient. Have FUN. Invite family and friends.
  • We will send your winnings by e-transfer or cheque.


The Halina Activity Centre